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Aquatics Center Programs
American Red Cross Classes
Lifeguard Course
Red Cross CPR Training
Water Safety Instructor Course
CAFC Members Only Parties
Evil Scientist Academy
Starfish Academy
Swim Lessons
Private Lessons
Matt Williams
April Private lessons
Miriam Brown
Ted Smith
April Private lessons
Summer Swim Lessons
PM 07/01-07/22
PM 06/03-06/26 (No lessons 06/19)
AM 06/03-06/13
Adaptive 03/04-03/27 PM
Adaptive 04/08-05/01 PM
Adaptive 05/06-05/23 (6 Classes)
04/08-05/01 PM
PM 05/06-05/23 (6 Classes)
M-TH 04/15-04/25
Arts & Culture Programs
Art Classes
Adult Art Programs
Fine Oils Social Session
Youth Art Programs
Kids Krafts
Kids Painting Basics
Kreation Summer Camps
Date Nites
Date Nites
Performing Arts
Music Reading and Ear Training Class
Vocal Performance Class
Children's Choir
Children's Choir
Community Band
Community Choir
Theatre Based Programs
Productions- By Audition Only
Production Extras
Production Photo Packages
Production Photo Packages
Shout Outs!
Theatre Productions- By Audition Only
Sweet Harmony Programs
PowerUp/Introductory Chess Program
Tournament/Intermediate Chess Program
Summer Camps
Adult Programs
Summer Monday B League 2024
Summer Tuesday B League 2024
Summer Wednesday A League 2024
Pickleball Leagues
Tuesday 2.5-3.0 League May 2024
Tuesday 3.5-4.0 League May 2024
Wednesday Instructional League May 2024
Wednesday 3.0-3.5 League May 2024
June Pickleball Leagues (2024)
July Pickleball Leagues (2024)
August Pickleball Leagues (2024)
Pickleball Lessons
June Pickleball Lessons ADULT 8:30am-9:30am
July Pickleball Lessons ADULT 8:30am-9:30am
August Pickleball Lessons ADULT 8:30am-9:30am
Pickleball Tournaments (Youth and Adult)
Flip Flop Pickleball Tournament 2024
Youth Programs
Baseball Clinic (3rd-4th)
Baseball Clinic (k-2nd)
Pitching Development League (3rd-4th Grade-2024)
T- Ball Kindergarten/5 Year old-2024
Machine Pitch (1st/2nd Grade-2024)
Volleyball Clinic (April-May 2024)
Just Kids Skill Camp-24
Basketball Camp (2024)
Volleyball Camp (2024)
Tennis Lessons (June 10-18, 2024) Mon/Tues
Tennis Lessons (June 24-July 2, 2024) Mon/Tues
Pickleball Lessons
June Pickleball Lessons YOUTH 8:30am-9:30am
July Pickleball Lessons YOUTH 8:30am-9:30am
August Pickleball Lessons YOUTH 8:30am-9:30am
Soccer M/W (Age 5/Kindergarten) SP 24
Soccer T/Th (1st/2nd Grade) SP 24
Tiny Tot Soccer M/W Island View SP 24
Tiny Tot Soccer T/Th Barlow SP 24
Start Smart (3 & 4 Year Olds)
Start Smart All Sports (June 2024)
Start Smart Basketball (August 2024)
Start Smart Flag Football (July 2024)
Start Smart Games (June 2024)
Start Smart Kickball (July 2024)
Start Smart Soccer (August 2024)
Snapology- Building Blocks
Winter/Spring Classes
Winter/Spring Classes
Summer Camps
Summer Camps
Special Events
July 4th Events (2024)
Egg Dive 2024 10:30 am
Egg Dive 2024 1:00pm
Toddler Time
Toddler Time Friday 3/15
Toddler Time Friday 3/22
Toddler Time Friday 3/8
Toddler Time Wednesday 3/13
Toddler Time Wednesday 3/20
Toddler Time Wednesday 3/27
Toddler Time Wednesday 3/6